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Background Of Patek Philippe Nautilus Born in 1976, Patek Philippe Nautilus is inspired from porthole, so its wrist watches are in the shape of porthole. With sturdy structure and unique… Read more »

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Born in 1839, Patek Philippe is the “Blue Blood Nobility” in the watch field. Through a long history, the famous luxury watch brand always follows unique and innovative spirit and aesthetic… Read more »

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In 1970s, Patek Philippe struggled to find its own characteristic special and sturdy wrist watch style. In 1976, Nautilus came out that is inspired by the cabin port. Since then,… Read more »

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Each piece of Patek Philippe is rare whether it is in limited or not. If it is in limited, it is extremely rare and precious. For example, the brand-new watches… Read more »

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The perfect replica Patek Philippe ref.1463 was launched in 1940s. It was a fascinating chronograph that Patek Philippe firstly released. Later in 1960s, the watch was suspended. Patek Philippe mounted the… Read more »

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Nautilus must be one of the most sporty watches now. However, it is very difficult to get. Other impressive models of Patek Philippe must be those complications including annual calendar,… Read more »

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The watch fans of Patek Philippe will know that Patek Philippe hadn’t established the chronograph movement until 2005. The CHR 27-525 PS exclusively created by Patek Philippe appeared to the… Read more »

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